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Laura’s approach focuses on 4 areas…
Need nutrition tips for fat adaptation?

The 90 Day Challenge - Let's Get You Fat Adapted

Whether you are an elite athlete or just looking to lose weight and be healthier, a fat adapted diet puts you on the right path to meet your goals.  Sign up for your free guide to better eating.
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Laura S. Conley - 90 Day Nutrition Challenge

We want to understand your health and fitness goals!

We’d like to understand what your interests are. Whether you are trying to improve your athletic performance, get healthier, or complete a whole body transformation, we’d like to understand how your goals to help you get there and achieve success.


Understanding what to do is only part of the equation.  Setting ourselves up for success everyday is equally important.
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Laura's Packages

Whatever Your Aspirations, Laura Has A Proven Plan for You

The Transformation – To Create the “New” You

A plan for those wanting to realize a more fundamental lifestyle transformation. This plan is perfect if you want to go from a relatively sedentary lifestyle to a much more robust state of health; whether related to becoming more athletic or losing weight in order to become a “new” you. The transformation often transcends just health and addresses all aspects of life (since often many issues have conspired to degrade vitality).

The Health Advocate – Recover From And Manage Chronic Illnesses

A plan designed for those suffering from chronic illnesses such as chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, digestive issues such as irritable bowel syndrome or inflammatory bowel disease, and female hormonal dysregulation. Laura has significant experience is helping those afflicted cope, manage, and even thrive with these illnesses.

The Win – To Help the Elite Athlete Reach New Heights

A customized solution for professional and elite athletes designed to elevate performance and push past plateaus and blocks. Laura has elevated herself from being a below average runner to an elite athlete who has won and placed in numerous races at the international level. She can bring that professional transformation expertise to help you meet your elite athletic goals.


For Both Elite Athletes and Those Seeking A Personal Transformation

For elite athletes looking to reach new levels of performance or people simply trying to improve their state of health and wellbeing, Laura has significant experience and success in helping both groups achieve their goals.  Elite athletes will get the benefit of Laura’s knowledge of the nuances, “hacks”, and techniques needed to elevate performance regardless of their specific athletic pursuit. Laura has also helped countless people meet their personal transformation goals – taking many from a sedentary lifestyle to a more robust state of personal health. Her approach transcends classic coaching techniques.  She focuses on novel methods such as visualization for elite athletes and experiential goal-setting for personal transformation. Her success with clients comes from a long career of learning what has been effective based on personality and individual disposition.

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