Providers & Health Systems

Healthcare providers and health care systems are looking for cost effective ways to:

  1. Prevent disease and
  2. Improve the care of chronically ill patients.

In the emerging world of bundled and capitated payments where providers and health care systems are asked to take on financial risk for patients’ health, these players need novel approaches to manage their patient populations.

Laura Conley Coaching Approach

Laura has experience working with health care systems to support wellness and other therapeutic programs.  Whether it’s reversing pre-diabetes or early stage diabetes or helping to improve hypertension, Laura understands health system goals in preventing disease and offering lower cost alternatives to managing existing conditions.

Laura’s core approach of managing:

  • Activity
  • Nutrition
  • Rest
  • Stress and
  • Motivation

are key to her success in helping wellness program populations succeed in lasting personal health transformation.

The coaching approach uses a progressive whole life program to help manage and prevent costly chronic illnesses. Laura starts with the operational side of the wellness program by making sure physicians, APRNs, PA, and NPs understand the offering and makes it easy to work with the wellness program. From there, she takes a “high engagement” approach to managing at risk populations to make sure they get on and stay on the path to transformation.

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